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Flight of Passage

Passing the baton to his son, Capt. Brian Schiff (September 2019)

Full Circle

Rekindling the romance (October 2018)

Broad Shoulders

Checking out in a B-52 (May 2015)

Lone Ranger

First solo in a P-51 Mustang (August 2007)

The Spirit Flies On

Flying the Spirit of St. Louis (May 2002)

High Flight

High-altitude checkout in the Lockheed U-2 (January 2001)

No Go-Around

Flying a space shuttle from orbit to touchdown (April 1999)

Sentimental Journey

Barry's retirement flight (August 1998)

Operation Peace Flight

An historical flight from Israel to Jordan (August 1995)

Errors of Our Ways

Pilot errors with a surprise ending (June 1988)

Monkeys on the Runway

Some of the world's most unusual approaches (December 1982)

Death of an Airport

The politics behind the closure of SMO (August 1981)

Why Not Really Learn to Navigate

Barry's first magazine article (June 1963)

Barry's Recent AOPA Writings